So yeah… it REALLY IS an honor just to be nominated…

Glory Unbound is the second book in the series. I always worried that it could not stand alone… that one would have to read Glory Bishop and Mary Not Broken first. Apparently, the CWA thinks otherwise. 🙂 Share this… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Continue reading So yeah… it REALLY IS an honor just to be nominated…

GLORY BISHOP eBook $0.99

GLORY BISHOP eBook on sale for just 99 cents thru March 17th!Amazon – B&N – Apple – Google – Kobo “Deborah King has written a compelling, thought-provoking novel that engages readers and made me wish the story would never end.” —Chicago Writer’s Association Windy City Reviews Out in the world, Glory Bishop reads novels, speaks her mind, & enjoys stolen kisses with JT; but at home, her overbearing mother will stop at nothing to keep her from worldly temptations. When the much older Malcolm Porter sets his sights on Glory, he gets her mother’s blessing & Glory must choose between waiting for JT and the freedom offered by … Continue reading GLORY BISHOP eBook $0.99


It’s almost time!! Cover reveal is Tuesday the 16th. I’m excited. I hope you like it. I think it perfectly complements Glory Bishop and captures the essence of the story. I am a little worried that this one is a bit more intense than Glory Bishop… a lot more drama, I think. All of the favorite characters from book one are back… well, almost all of them. Right now, I’m doing layout designs for banners, postcards, and other swag. Do I really need swag… mugs and tote bags? I’ve got cute Glory Bishop bookmarks with a matching tassel with charms.. … Continue reading IT’S COMING!!

Happy 4th of July CC! – Wherever You Are.

The crowds at the beach grew quickly as the days grew longer and the weather grew warmer, and on the 4th of July, the beach was packed.  The drummers camped on the sidewalk and as the sun went down, the pounding African rhythms filled the air.   A few yards away, the bikers camped in the parking lot.  In the twilight, the motorcycle running lights sparkled like tiny diamonds, washing out the stars in the night sky.  The wailing of classic blues and soul blending with the beat of African drums.   Beyond the bikers were the kids.  Big cars and … Continue reading Happy 4th of July CC! – Wherever You Are.

Ok…I just googled myself! My pic, my book, & my interviews are on page 1 …OMG!!!

Today is ebook launch day and to say I’m excited would be a gross understatement. I’m having a hard time doing anything else but staring at my screen hitting the refresh button. Between Amazon and Goodreads, I have 5 reviews…one … Continue reading Ok…I just googled myself! My pic, my book, & my interviews are on page 1 …OMG!!!

The Year Marjorie Moore Learned to Live

GENERAL – Author Name: Christie Grotheim – Book Title: The Year Marjorie Moore Learned to Live – Book Genre: Contemporary Fiction – Release Date: April 2, 2019 – Publisher: Heliotrope Books THE BOOK – Please describe what the book is about. Forever searching elsewhere, Marjorie Moore is consumed with wanting, or in her opinion, needing. Feeling trapped by her town and her family, she escapes through obsessive shopping, pill popping, and fantasizing about a possible affair with a friend from high school with whom she reconnects on Facebook. Her growing credit card debt “forces” her to sell prescription drugs—which she … Continue reading The Year Marjorie Moore Learned to Live

Feeling some kinda way… This is the house I grew up in.  It burned up yesterday.  The smoke is pouring out of what was once my bedroom.  I used to climb out of my bedroom window and sit on the roof over the front porch and watch the people, or watch the stars. My cousins lived on the right side and two doors down on the left was my best friend Tracey.  Across the street is the most beautiful church I’d ever seen.  All summer long, the priest would say mass with the doors open. I only got a few glimpses of the … Continue reading Feeling some kinda way…