GLORY BISHOP and MARY NOT BROKEN are available on Spotify!

Hi all! I know I said I post sparingly, but it seems my life and career has gotten a bit busy lately.

First, the audio book for Mary Not Broken, the prequel to the Glory Bishop series was released on December 26th. It’s available for purchase wherever you get audio books and also on Spotify. Just search for Mary Not Broken and it’ll come up. Set in Mississippi, New York, and Chicago from 1935—1966, this historical women’s fiction, read by Lisa Renee Pitts, tells the story of Glory’s mother. Personally, since it was the third book written, I think it’s best read last in the series… but some people have read it first and really enjoyed it.

In 1930s Mississippi, Mary Johnson hates the oppressive heat, working on her family farm, and having to attend her minister father’s church several times a week. But she loves Mason Carter, her musician boyfriend. Both fantasize about living the high life up north in the big city.When William Bevers, a wealthy old preacher, comes to court her, he promises a life of luxury along with money and status for her family. Mary wants nothing to do with him, but her parents decide for her. Determined to avoid a forced marriage, Mary elopes with Mason to the bright lights of Chicago.But life up north is not the dream they expected. Multiple tragedies push Mary to the brink, and she soon returns home to the very world she tried so desperately to escape.Too numb to stave off the pressure from her father, Mary considers accepting William’s proposal. But she soon realizes that life as the preacher’s wife might not provide the safety and security she craves.

Second, though not publicly available until February 5th, an ALC (advanced listener copy) is available of GLORY BISHOP for free, also on Spotify. Since it’s not searchable yet, there is a tiny bit of hoop jumping to get to it. GO to this website—, enter your email address and the free code that you get from me. Clicking redeem will take you to the Spotify website where you log in (or create a free account if you don’t already have one), and viola! You now have the audio book of Glory Bishop, read by Dara Brown, in your Spotify library.

A sheltered church girl. A quiet, secret rebellion. Can she become the person she wants to be?

In 1983 Chicago, Glory Bishop yearns to be normal. Under the strict thumb of her abusive and zealous mother, the anxious teenager finds relief in stolen moments and kisses with her boyfriend. But when she provides him an alibi against another girl’s disturbing accusation, she catches the eye of the preacher’s son – the twenty-seven-year-old youth minister.

After her beloved joins the Navy with no further contact, the heartbroken high school student reluctantly obeys her mom and tolerates the unwanted attention of the arrogant man eleven years her senior. But when he saves her from a brutal attack, she gives in to his courtship… even though she discovers his oppressive need for control.

Can she rescue herself from a life she doesn’t want?

Glory Bishop is the poignant first book in the Glory Bishop women’s literary fiction series. If you like resilient heroines, dramatic themes, and overcoming obstacles, then you’ll love Deborah L. King’s page-turning novel.

To get your free code for the audio book of GLORY BISHOP, comment on this post with your email address (or your Facebook Messenger name, Instagram, or X (Twitter) handle) and I’ll send you a code.

Have a great weekend and happy listening!

2 thoughts on “AUDIO BOOK UPDATE!

  1. Are their discussion questions on the book Mary Not Broken? My book club Reader ‘s of Distinction is reading your book for discussion on June 9, 2024 and I am the discussion leader.

    I, Colleen Ferguson, would love any questions you could help me with at this time. I just finished the book and it was sad, thought provoking, and it was difficult reading about some of the abuse that Mary suffered.
    Please let me know about discussion questions.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Colleen! I apologize for the delay in responding. I don’t often get comments on my site that are not Russian bots.

      There are a few questions at the bottom of this page: , but I’ve asked my favorite beta reader to come up with some more insightful questions.

      I’m flattered and thrilled your book club is reading Mary Not Broken. Is it a Zoom meeting? I’d love to pop in and answer any questions.

      Best regards, Deborah

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