Mary Not Broken

Mary Not Broken

Tragedy, woes, and a loss of faith. Can she claw her way back into the light?

In Depression Era Mississippi, fifteen-year-old Mary Johnson is determined to choose her own life. Furious when her parents agree to have her wed a wealthy old preacher, the feisty teenager elopes with her aspiring musician boyfriend to the bright lights of Chicago. But instead of fun, fame, and fortune, they find misery and heartbreak.

Returning to Mississippi, Mary reluctantly considers marrying the older man her parents wanted. But she might discover life as a pastor’s wife is much more costly than she imagined.

Will her choice lead to happiness or unending sorrow?

Mary Not Broken is the gripping prequel to the Glory Bishop women’s literary fiction series. If you like flawed characters, riveting drama, and perseverance through challenges, then you’ll love Deborah L. King’s moving novel of falling from grace.

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Mary Not Broken grabs you by the shoulders and squeezes until the very last page. Highly recommend this book, as well as the entire series. (You can start with this book or with Glory Bishop).

A chair-gripping adventure is what you’ll have, of reality and family mixing it up, if you decide to get your feet wet and enjoy this book.

Suspenseful and thought-provoking, “Mary Not Broken” is a powerful read.

Book Club Questions

  • Which characters besides Mary and Bevers stood out to you the most? Why?
  • How does this Mary grow up to become the mother of Glory Bishop?
  • What is your favorite episode/scene out of the chapters?
  • What are your predictions for the next episodes?


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