Happy 4th of July CC! – Wherever You Are.

The crowds at the beach grew quickly as the days grew longer and the weather grew warmer, and on the 4th of July, the beach was packed.  The drummers camped on the sidewalk and as the sun went down, the pounding African rhythms filled the air.   A few yards away, the bikers camped in the parking lot.  In the twilight, the motorcycle running lights sparkled like tiny diamonds, washing out the stars in the night sky.  The wailing of classic blues and soul blending with the beat of African drums.   Beyond the bikers were the kids.  Big cars and bigger radios, all tuned to the same station.

CC was annoyed.  His father was a biker.  He was a biker.  He was a kid.  With his bike out of commission, he arrived at the beach in his father’s conversion van.  A genuine party on wheels.  The biggest ride with the biggest radio.  Fridge full of beer and a queen sized bed.  Flat on top with running lights along the edge of the roof.  He hated driving it to the beach when his dad was there.  All of that party power wasted on old people.  He waved at his friends as he drove past them to the biker lot.  The old people cheered as he pulled into 2 spaces and parked.  “Hey Lil’ C” they all shouted.  He hated that too. 

He looked at the girl in the passenger seat.  While the other girls strutted in hot pants and bikini tops, she didn’t need to.  She was FINE and she knew it.  She wore blue denim cut-offs, and a red and white checked shirt tied at the waist.  Just a hint of a breast wrapped in red lace was visible through the unbuttoned shirt.   A bead of sweat slid down her chest and disappeared into her cleavage.   She leaned back in the seat and stretched and held that pose because she knew he liked it.  His eyes traveled from her bare feet with red painted toes,  up her legs with the nicks and scrapes of a happy childhood, over her thighs, pausing briefly at the spot promised to him for his 18th birthday.  He lingered over her concave belly with the silver sequin glittering in her navel, and then moved up to the perfect bosom that only he had been allowed to see, and touch.  Her eyes hidden behind huge dark shades, she slowly ran her tongue over lips stained red from a carefully eaten cherry Popsicle and glistening with strawberry lip gloss that he could still taste.  “Damn!” he said.  “Why do you hafta be so fine all the time!”

“Cuz you like it that way, don’t you Lil’ C,” she giggled.   When she smiled at him, he couldn’t be mad.    She grabbed 2 beers from the fridge.  “See you upstairs”.  She flashed the joint she’d tucked in bra and winked at him.

“Hell YEAH!” he shouted to the old bikers watching her climb the ladder to the roof.  “That’s ALL MINE!”  The old men laughed and patted him on the back.  “Cuz she don’t know no better!  That’s why you be having hair in you teeth, boy?!  Do she got a Mama?!”  CC enjoyed the taunts.  These are the men he grew up under, his dad’s best friends and his loving uncles.  They were proud of him for having a girl that fine.  Their pats on the back left him with a few $20 bills and several condoms.  When the music was on, he joined her on the roof.

The booms of the fireworks could be heard in the distance.  The blues was loud an jumpin’.  The beer was cold and the weed was good.  Overall, this was probably the best night of CC’s life.  “Put my song on next?” the girl asked.

“And  piss off all the old people?  Nah.”

“Please.”  she whispered, sliding her tongue along his ear.  She smelled like weed and beer and GOD! strawberry lip gloss!  “I’ll dance for you…right here on the roof.”  She kissed him and the conversation was over.  He practically jumped to the ground, quickly switching  the tape and turning on the roof lights, ignoring the shouts of the old people when the opening heartbeats of the song began.

Hey kid, rock and roll Rock on, ooh, my soul Hey kid, boogey too, did ya

Against a backdrop of fireworks, she slowly moved her hips, her eyes never leaving him. 

Hey shout, summertime blues Jump up and down in my blue suede shoes Hey kid, rock and roll, rock on

She ran her fingers through her hair, catching her headband and tossing it down to him.  Her hair exploded in a wild mane framing her face.  

And where do we go from here Which is the way that’s clear

She stared at him, slowly moving her hands over her body, licking her lips and grinding to the music. 

Still looking for that blue jean, baby queen Prettiest girl I ever seen See her shake on the movie screen, Jimmy Dean (James Dean)

The crowd grew silent as she moved, all eyes turning to CC’s girl.  

[Instrumental Interlude]

The music from the kids cars went down, and the sounds from the drummers went up, matching the beat of the music.

And where do we go from here Which is the way that’s clear

A cheer went up when her untied shirt slid from her shoulders and down her back.  As it floated down to him, CC caught it in one hand, keeping his clenched fist raised. 

Still looking for that blue jean, baby queen Prettiest girl I ever seen
See her shake on the movie screen, Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean
Rock on
Rock on
Rock on

Policemen entering the crowd froze when their flashlights found the source of the disturbance.  

Hey, hey Rock and roll Rock on

Rock on
 Hey, hey Rock and roll Rock on

“Boy!  What’ the hell’s wrong with you?!”  His dad’s voice broke through the haze of love, weed, and hormones.  “Get that girl down from there!  I’m not having her mama kill me cuz her daughter stupid!”

Rock on Hey, hey Rock and roll Rock on
Rock on
Hey, hey Rock and roll Rock on……..

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