Happy Monday!!

I love Mondays.mondays
I know, I know…but really, there’s nothing wrong with me.
I know, most people work all week dreaming of Friday. Not me. I don’t like Fridays at all. I’m a procrastinator, and Friday means I’m outta time to do whatever it was I should’ve had done by now. Fridays mean no time for do-overs or repairs. On Fridays all I can do is apologize and promise to have it done as soon as possible – usually, that means Monday.
Tuesdays are almost as good as Mondays. It’s still early in the week and you still have time. If you work hard and concentrate, you can make up that day you lost procrastinating on Monday.
Thursdays are almost as bad as Fridays. On Thursday, you’re almost outta time. Pulling an all-nighter is your only hope. You have a crushing realization that you’ve accomplished nothing and you watch the clock tick away what little time you have left.
Wednesdays are almost as good as Mondays. It’s the half-way point. There’s still time to get started or catch up. You’re still in the race. If you fire up the afterburners, you can still accomplish things.
But on Mondays…it’s like the sunrise of the whole week. Everything is new. You have all the time in the world. You have dreams. You make plans. You know this is the week you’ll move mountains. It’s a do-over for whatever you missed last week. It’s a new beginning. It’s a second chance.

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