Health Update…

… and other news…

Hi all… it’s been a minute since the drama of my New Year’s hospital stays. My blood pressure is stable, but still too high for the amount of medication I’m on. I just had a minor surgery called “renal denervation” to hopefully bring my numbers down to normal. I was fine immediately after the procedure, but the next morning, the pain hit. It’s slowly going away and I’m doing ok. It’ll be about a month before I can expect to start seeing any results. Oh well… we’ll see what happens.

In other news, Glory Bishop*, Glory Unbound, and Mary Not Broken are all available on Spotify and wherever you buy audio books.

*Glory Bishop isn’t on Audible yet, but it’s coming!

That’s all the news. I think I’m officially finished with Glory and Mary’s family. I have paperbacks, ebooks, and audio books. I can’t think of another thing I can do for or with them.

Hmmm… anybody got a screenwriter and a movie studio?

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