I Need to Stop…

…of self-esteem, self-confidence, and hyper-humility…


I hafta stop doing that… being surprised at my writing. I hafta stop doubting the myriad compliments, and uplifting the 2 or 3 negative reviews… but I’m more comfortable with the negative… it’s easier to believe I’m a bad writer.

I just returned from a short road trip… about 5 hours… with my kids and my brother. I had an awesome time with my favorite Aunt and my cousin-goddaughter-sister-friend and family. There was little talk of my writing or books. All-in-all, it was a relaxing, work-free visit… except for the quiet, alone times where I tried to listen to my newly released audio book. I didn’t love it.


On the ride home, my brother suggested I turn on the radio… which I didn’t want to do. I asked if he minded listening to my new audio book. No… that’s not right. I assumed out loud that he wouldn’t be interested in my new audio book. His instant irritation and snappage disabused me of such ideas, and I put on the book.

They all listened, my brother and my kids …asking questions and laughing at the funny parts, and getting irritated at the phone interruptions. I was mesmerized listening to the story and listening to them listening. Mary Not Broken is actually really good. The narrator is good, too.

My New Year’s Resolution this year is to learn to believe in the positives about myself and my writing.

I can do it …I think.


In this prequel to Glory Bishop, fifteen-year-old Mary ran away from an arranged marriage, but life’s circumstances forced her to come back home to the world she desperately tried to escape. Can she ever find the freedom and happiness she seeks?

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    1. Hi! I apologize for the delay in responding. Thank you for asking. Right now, after the three books, there’re no plans for any more stories about Glory and her family… but I never know which character will start speaking to me, so we’ll see.

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