I Was Prepared

The day before camp was my launch event for my second book. I had lists and notes of what to bring. I made a list of the lists I made so I wouldn’t forget which list to check. When I arrived at the venue, I had absolutely everything. I hadn’t forgotten anything. I was an efficient event-planning machine. I’d thought of everything. I was a Girl scout. I was prepared.

The next day, even though the camp was 7 days and 6 nights, I packed 9 outfits. You never know when you might need a cocktail dress and sparkly shoes. I packed two of all of my toiletries. You never know when you might drop something, and it roll under the bed, and you don’t feel like crawling around on the floor to get it. I packed an extra-large bath towel, cuz you never know when the supplied towels might be much too small to contain your ample girth. I even packed bifocals and contacts and reading glasses cuz you never know when you might break or lose your glasses and hafta wear your contacts and then need readers cuz the contacts only let you see at distances. You get the picture. I thought of everything. I packed two of everything. I was prepared.

I get to camp and check into my favorite room and begin to unpack my myriad necessities… two toiletry bags, two nighties, two toothbrushes, two computers…Yes… I brought two computers. I was a Girl Scout. I came prepared to write!

Since I’ve got a couple of hours before dinner, I sit down, fire up one of my babies, and start typing away. After about thirty minutes, I get the warning that power is low. I go to the bag of cables and am suddenly overwhelmed by visions of my power cord coiled in a tight circle…sitting at home on my desk. But, not to worry, I was a Girl Scout. I came prepared. I run out to my car and grab my second computer bag. I get back to my room and I pull out the computer and plug it in… oh wait… I try to plug it in… but I can’t. That cord, too, is sitting neatly coiled… at home… on my desk.

Ok… not to worry. Simple solution. Amazon Prime! I order a new charger. It’ll be here Tuesday. My phone power is at 20%. No worries I’ll just grab the cable out of my bag and the charging block… that is at home on my desk… I use what’s left of my phone’s power to order a charging block too.

The charging block arrives early Monday morning, so while my phone is charging, I enjoy a class session with SJ and Kelly. I spend the rest of Monday in group sessions, and on Tuesday morning, I use my phone for writing. It’s surprisingly not horrific. By 3:00, I have my new power cable and I am able to get some real work done.

So yeah… I thought of everything. I was a Girl Scout. And with Amazon and a credit card, I was prepared.

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