Much Ado About Nothing…

So…yeah…I haven’t posted in a while.  The people in my head appear to be on some sort of strike/hiatus/vacation/etc.
12074779_10205060066762678_7154295531975746660_nBasically, what that means is I can’t come up with anything worthy of writing, let alone sharing. My publisher cautions against posting too many chapters of my next two books. I also have a few bits and pieces of other stories—again, don’t share those either.
I’ve even considered posting bits of my only non-fiction piece that I’ve been told is too sad to publish—”Somebody has to win; something good has to happen or nobody will want to read it.” Well, this is a story about losing…so there.
12141628_10153595397806291_79287119464260082_nI could write about my stories; introduce the characters and such. Maybe I’ll do that a little:
Glory Bishop is a 16-year-old girl facing the devil’s dilemma. She can stay in her abusive home and wait for her true love’s return, or she can accept freedom an arranged marriage to a man 10 years older.
Mary Bishop will stop at nothing to protect her daughter from the pitfalls and evils of the world.
Malcolm Porter loves Glory beyond all reason, but he’s not the man Glory loves.
Anita Porter will do anything to protect her son and their good family name.
J. T. Jackson is the love of Glory’s life, but how long can she wait for him?
Do those characters sound interesting enough?
I’ve thought about sharing my thoughts on the current state of the nation. Yeah…no. This is a family-friendly blog and the number of expletives might get me an NC-17 rating.
So…in my neighborhood, gas prices are down, traffic is up, and the roads that were perfectly fine are now gravel deathtraps amidst an orange obstacle course/demolition derby.
Things are picking up at work—have I mentioned that I have the greatest job in the world? Seriously, I love my job.  I don’t go to work, I go to play!
The impending winter has me a bit excited—have I mentioned how much I hate hot weather? I don’t even like warm weather. Keep it 60º and I’m happy.
I’m gonna try to post again this weekend.  Maybe my people will be speaking to me again.

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