Ok…I just googled myself! My pic, my book, & my interviews are on page 1 …OMG!!!

Today is ebook launch day and to say I’m excited would be a gross understatement. I’m having a hard time doing anything else but staring at my screen hitting the refresh button. Between Amazon and Goodreads, I have 5 reviews…one has a spoiler (boo)…mostly 5 stars.

I wonder if this is how all debut authors feel…giddy and terrified? I have several committed reviewers and as I see those reviews to come in, I’m scared to click. Is that silly?

When I started writing this story in 1992, it was just a single line:

…and that’s where the sunrise found her…stripped down to her soul and dancing on the bar.

Deborah Sevier—Loop Jr College 1992

It was a scene of a young woman crossing a street on a hot summer evening. She wore a long winter coat and carried a pair of red high heeled shoes in her arms. As she walked she herd her mother’s voice in her head berating her for looking like a Jezebel. That young lady evolved into Glory Bishop. That scene isn’t in this book, but it will be in a book at some point.

Here’s an interview I did about the writing process and such. I hear it’s interesting 😉


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