Saturday Was a Good Day

Saturday was a good day! I had the official IRL launch of GLORY UNBOUND and it was great! I was overjoyed to see Revelers there, as well as family, friends, and actual fans! Yes I was nervous and kinda freaked out. I read a scene from chapter 3 and the assembled crowd seemed to enjoy it. They asked great questions and bought books.

There was pretend champagne, Cheryl’s Cookies, and little birdcages filled with Hershey’s kisses. The owner of Shiny Squirrel Art Studio Inc. was beyond the perfect host. I will certainly be having another event there.

I am eternally grateful for everybody’s support, especially Ritta Martin Basu, Jackie Pick, Shiny Squirrel Art Studio Inc., Pal Jones, Stacey Jones, Deborah Davis, Cheryl Woodson, Angie Johnson, Riley Joseph, and Rae, Joseph, and Jovanda.

Yeah…it was a very good day!

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