Second Love…

Image result for love letterMy first love was a giant who taught me complex math and could intertwine his fingers around my waist. I was seven and he was one of the coaches at the YMCA where my dad worked. Just seeing this man-mountain brightened my days, and I would sit next to him and do homework for hours.
But alas…when I was eight, my heart was stolen by another.
He was ten and the smartest boy in the world. He saw things that I wouldn’t have noticed in a million years. Every time I was with him, I learned something new. I still went to the YMCA with my dad and the man-mountain still offered homework help and all the attention a girl could want, but I had him: my muse, my genius, my new love. I wrote stories about us, and dreamed about us, and knew that he (or somebody exactly like him) would be my husband.
But, this new love of my life had a girlfriend. A brash tomboy who played sports and beat up boys. I hated her and constantly devised ways to get rid of her. The perfect boy also had enemies, and though the other woman was quite proficient at controlling the marauding gang of miscreants, I planned to do away with them permanently.
Eventually, though, I started to outgrow this boy of perfection. I discovered boys in my neighborhood and ones I wasn’t scared to talk to. But no matter what, the genius that is Leroy Encyclopedia Brown will always be second true love of my life.

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