The Enchanted Castle

Like most writers, I have a day job.  I get up every weekday (and 1 Sunday) morning; fight Chicagoland traffic for up to an hour; do a running slide to my desk, barely making it on time; and log in to my computer which is overflowing with email.
Sometimes, I stop in the kitchen to see what the day’s goodies are.  There’s usually something sweet, and occasionally something savory. Other times, I check Foodsby to see which restaurants are delivering today.
In the summer, there’s a huge event for everybody and their families, just because. Indoor or outdoor, it’s always a blast.
In the fall there’s a gargantuan (exponentially bigger than huge) event.  It takes all year to prepare and lasts about a week. We entertain upwards of 50,000 guests.  It’s stressful, but we get to visit with therapy dogs to help relax. Those who actually work the event are put up (some for up to two weeks) in some of the best hotels downtown Chicago has to offer. There’s free transportation to the event venue, free breakfast and lunch, and a wad of cash (enough for every day at the event) for dinner and other expenses…and no expense reports!
The holiday party is another big event (not huge or gargantuan, just big). The food and liquor flow freely, and the raffles have included everything from sports tickets to a trip for two to Paris.
And then there’s Christmas.  Well, not really an event cuz we work up until the last business day before Christmas Eve; then we’re off until the first business day after January 1st. Nope, it’s not vacation; it’s just paid time off.
For the rest of the year we get twelve sick days (that can roll over for 10 years), up to 22 vacation days, and 6 paid holidays.
Did I mention the food?  Every month there’s a birthday and recognition party overflowing with treats. Ever tasted every pie at Baker’s Square?  We have!
Then there’s the flu shots, and health fair (with masseuses); the fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment; ping pong tournament, holiday decorating contest, and cook-off after cook-off after cook-off.
Oh yeah…there’s actual work that goes on and I work with great people, but it’s work that I enjoy.  I don’t come to work, I come to play.
Did I mention I love my job?

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